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2004 – 2019
Helping talent shine in education and sport for 15 years

“The TASS partnership will continue to help the next generation of rising stars to thrive”

Guy Taylor

TASS National Director

TASS is 15

Since 2004, TASS has helped more than 6,000 emerging athletes spanning 70 different sports from across the country. With support from Sport England – and as a part of the SportsAid family – we’re proud to have helped athletes in education to pursue their sport and studies, without having to choose between the two. What’s more, in the last 15 years, TASS-supported athletes have won more than 170 Olympic and Paralympic medals and many have gone on to realise their academic potential and develop valuable careers.

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TASS Athletes

The student athletes we support are at the heart of the TASS partnership. In our 15th year, we’re shining a spotlight on fifteen athletes – one from each year that scheme has been operating – to showcase their achievements in both sport and study and reveal how TASS support has aided their journeys.

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Tass delivery sites

The TASS network of 33 Delivery Sites are the primary provider of support to our athletes. Located at education institutions across the country, expert practitioners deliver a package of services to TASS athletes, including strength and conditioning, lifestyle, physiotherapy, psychology and nutrition.

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TASS Sports

We work in partnership with sport national governing bodies (NGBs) to boost our athletes’ development on and off the field. We’re featuring five NGBs to showcase the success of their dual career programmes and explore how TASS support benefits student athletes on the sport’s talent pathway.

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