Loughborough University has been with TASS from the outset of the scheme

Ruth Goodfield

Loughborough has a great deal of experience servicing TASS athletes studying either at the university or in the geographical area, and has provided support to hundreds of TASS athletes across a wide variety of sports since the scheme began. In 2018/19, over 40 athletes from 13 different sports are supported by TASS out of Loughborough University.

What role has the TASS partnership played in the evolution of your performance sport programme?

“Loughborough University has been with TASS from the outset of the scheme and has seen TASS adapt and develop over the past 15 years.

“The initial days of TASS included funding for coaching and this contributed to the early development of some of our performance programmes.

“Our ethos of developing student athletes to reach their potential in both their studies and sport aligns perfectly with TASS and we look forward to continuing to support TASS athletes over the next 15 years!”

What would be your wish for the next generation of talented athletes?

“I hope student athletes will continue to maximise the opportunities and support available to them.”

Use one word to describe what TASS means to you.

“Determined. TASS has been through considerable changes and challenges but remains determined that transitional and developing athletes will receive support that will hopefully help them move on to the next level.”