Lucy is a current England U19 international women’s football player who also represents Oxford United at club level. She became a beneficiary of TASS support as a part of the FA Women’s Super League Academies Programme and is currently studying for a degree in Sports Therapy at the University of Hertfordshire.

How has TASS enhanced the athlete support package available to you?

“The TASS support has enhanced the services I can access from my club by providing extra strength and conditioning sessions which aid my development as a player. TASS has also helped me keep fit and sharp during the off season, ready for the U19 European Championships that take place out of season.

“Unlike some other players, I made the decision to continue with education full time and play football. TASS has enabled me to keep up with my competition and has given me extra sessions, whenever I need them, bringing my training hours closer to a full-time player. TASS support came at the right time, as I was finishing my A levels, and has allowed me to continue with both my education and sporting journeys.

“I believe it's important to continue with my higher education because my degree will give me security once I stop playing football by providing me with another career post retirement. I also feel that I gain so many life skills from university life and these will no doubt help me in the future.

“TASS has given me the opportunity to keep up with my full-time competitors and allowed me to gain a degree that I will be able to use alongside football, or after I finish playing, making my transition out of football much easier. I’m proud of being a dual career athlete and I love the different experiences that both aspects give me.”

What would be your wish for the next generation of talented athletes?

“I hope that TASS can keep supporting athletes to reach their potential no matter their sport, situation or commitments.”

Use one word to describe what TASS means to you.