The TASS partnership has been key

Jérôme Read

Manchester Metropolitan University has been a TASS Delivery Site since 2017. The university has invested in both staff and facilities and has been successful in developing collaborations with NGBs and clubs to provide a strong development platform for pathway and elite athletes who are seeking a dual career development programme. This year, Manchester Met is supporting eleven TASS athletes from sports including basketball, swimming and netball.

What role has the TASS partnership played in the evolution of your performance sport programme?

“The TASS partnership has been key. We have been able to rapidly expand our programme for supporting talent both inside and outside of our institution. Networks and collaborations have come through the partnership as well as being introduced to the wider opportunities that the partnership can offer, so we have definitely seen this as a relationship that has helped both parties.

“It could’ve have come earlier but with the blank canvas that we had to develop it was almost fated to come at the time that it did. This meant that the footings were in place and the foundations ready to go. Being part of this blank canvas has helped us align our development and that of the offer here in Manchester to what is best needed for the athlete at the core of a dual career pathway.

“The MMU Sport Performance team was put in place in 2015. Since then we have developed our programme of supporting not only dual career sporting athletes but also sports photographers and journalists. The support behind the sport is also key and we aim to engage more of our faculties in this way.

“As a new Delivery Site, the impact of TASS for us has been the opportunity to develop and reignite successful partnerships with Swim England, the FA and also Basketball.”

What would be your wish for the next generation of talented athletes?

“I hope that they receive comprehensive, coordinated support to allow them to develop to their potential and ultimately meet or even exceed their personal ambitions.”

Use one word to describe what TASS means to you.