Natasha is a five-time Paralympic Dressage gold medallist, five-time European Champion and world gold and silver medallist. She has been surrounded by horses all her life and began riding at her local RDA. After watching the Paralympic Games on TV in 2000, Natasha decided that was what she wanted to do and she is now training for her third Paralympics.

Please describe your journey as a talented student athlete

“TASS played a vital role for me at the beginning of my international career when I needed the help and financial support to get to the top of my sport. It meant that I could access more training, I bought equipment that I wouldn’t have been able to afford and this made a huge difference long term to my training.

“The support from TASS arrived at absolutely the right time for me. I didn't have a name for myself in my sport and therefore struggled to get sponsorship. The extra help meant that I could boost my journey to the top.

“Education and qualifications will always be there once you’ve achieved them, however, at some point we all have to retire from sport, some sooner than others. Therefore, I think it's great to know you have the qualifications and training behind you for when they’re needed.

“Having a supportive network at school that meant I could do the sport that I love and also get the results I deserved, simultaneously. I was lucky I had an amazing school and great friends. They would celebrate my success but also help me when I needed it and they were so proud of my achievements.

“I was supported by TASS for two years, though I can honestly say that the support has been far longer lasting. My results accelerated due to the increased training and equipment I could access and I learnt skills that I'm still using now.”

What would be your wish for the next generation of talented athletes?

“I hope that they utilise every single opportunity that they're given, they put themselves out there to learn as much as possible, they ask millions of questions and try their absolute hardest and then a little more!”

Use one word to describe what TASS means to you.