Peter is a freestyle skier and Winter Olympian who represented Team GB at PyeongChang 2018 in ski halfpipe. He made his World Cup halfpipe debut in 2013 and achieved his career best World Cup finish with a 4th place in China in 2017. Peter studied for a degree in History at University of Manchester, graduating with a 2:1 in 2016. He is now retired and has recently started a new career at a creative agency working with the sustainability sector.

Please describe your journey as a talented student athlete

“TASS gave me great support and guidance at a time when I needed it most. It also opened up the option to go to university alongside skiing, which was something I was keen to do. Perhaps most importantly it gave me confidence that there was a support system in place so I felt I could keep chasing my sport whilst navigating massive decisions in my life.

“The TASS support arrived when I was at the brink of jumping up to senior level which is full GB level at skiing. It’s a really difficult transition for anyone as you’re trying to make it on your own before you have more support from being at senior level. I was fortunate to be nominated for TASS in my first year of uni and I got selected for my first World Cup and World Champs that same year. It definitely helped to have TASS’s backing and the support was also hugely beneficial in helping me through injury and knee surgery.

“Having a dual career was was important to me because I believe in education and it’s a route I wanted to go down. I wanted to push myself across the board and get broader life experience. It was really fulfilling having so much going on and being able to live at university whilst chasing my sport. I don’t think I would have done it otherwise. Ultimately the skills I learnt from both aspects have allowed me to pursue a professional career of my choice. I believe in the benefits of having balance and variety in life.

“My favourite aspect of being a student athlete was having so many opportunities from a sporting, educational and social perspective. I’m most proud of myself for not giving up during my third year at uni and managing to achieve both my sporting and academic goals.

“TASS was a huge factor in supporting me right at a pivotal time in my sporting life. I went on to make the jump to GB and Olympic level whilst being able to graduate with a History BA. Ultimately its help meant I didn’t give up during a demanding time in my journey.”

What would be your wish for the next generation of talented athletes?

“I hope that they embrace the opportunity to be able to push themselves across the board - in sport, education and socially. Not many people get to live life so fully!”

Use one word to describe what TASS means to you.