Rachel is a registered dietitian specialising in the areas of disordered eating and sports performance nutrition. She is a TASS practitioner at University of Surrey after obtaining a post grad from the International Olympic Committee. Rachel works with both amateur and elite level athletes to educate and empower them to understand the role of nutrition in their health, wellness and sporting success and support them to apply this in practical ways.

What role has TASS played in your development as a practitioner?

“Working with TASS over the past four years has given me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of athletes, performing at different levels, in different sports, with different needs. This has highlighted both the similarities and differences that athletes face when it comes to the role of nutrition in preparation, training and recovery.

“With the support of TASS I’ve been able to observe and discuss nutrition protocols with Team GB and speak to highly experienced nutritionists. This not only ensures protocols at my TASS Delivery Site are in line with elite pathways, but also supports my own professional development as a dietitian in performance sport.

“Dual career athletes are trying hard to juggle many aspects of life; often balancing work, studies and families with their athletic pursuits; being able to offer them evidence based nutrition guidance will give them the greatest opportunity to excel in their sport.

“My favourite aspect of being a TASS practitioner is working with a range of athletes and seeing them develop and grow, both in their sports and in performing elite athlete behaviours.

“TASS has given me an incredible opportunity to work alongside over 60 elite athletes and an incredible multi-disciplinary team. The experience I have gained from both the athletes and practitioners is unlike any setup I would find elsewhere.”

What would be your wish for the next generation of talented athletes?

“My wish for the next generation of athletes is that they look at the bigger picture; that they focus not only on their current athletic performance but are supported to take care of their physical, emotional and academic health for the future.”

Use one word to describe what TASS means to you.