British Canoeing continues to position TASS at the performance foundation tier of their Athlete Pathway. Supported athletes are typically just making the step to the World Class Programmes and have started higher education, which normally includes moving away from home or relocation to a centralised training venue. Former TASS-supported canoeists include Olympic medallists Joe Clarke, Liam Heath and Jon Schofield.

What role has the TASS partnership played in the development of your talent or dual career programme?

“The access to service provision allows us to better provide for athletes at a critical point in their sporting development. This is something that, as an organisation, we wouldn’t be able to support without TASS’s involvement. Typically, having this on the site of their higher education institution means that it is easy and less time consuming to access this support, making the student athletes’ life a lot easier!

“I believe dual career support is critical. Part of our role as an NGB is developing well rounded, functioning people and sport is an excellent and effective mechanism for this, however there needs to be a balance. There has to be something beyond an athletes’ sporting identity; partly to balance their perspective, but also to prepare them for a life beyond being an athlete.

“Supporting athletes pursuing a dual career is a key part of what we do in developing our athletes at every level of our pathway and something that we are always striving to do better. I enjoy knowing that we are making real tangible difference and impact on the lives of our athletes.

“TASS has allowed us to develop athletes that are better equipped with the capability, capacity and experience to transition effectively to World Class Programmes than ever before.”

What would be your wish for the next generation of talented athletes?

“I hope that they manage to thrive in their dual career experience and are prepared for their long-term journey in life, wherever this may lead them.”

Use one word to describe what TASS means to you.