British Wheelchair Basketball partners with TASS to deliver support to athletes within the GB Junior and High Performance Centre Squads at a number of Delivery Sites across the network. A large proportion of the 2018 GB Men’s gold medal and GB Women’s silver medal winning World Championship squads were supported by TASS during their development. In 2018/19, eleven talented athletes are beneficiaries of the scheme.

What role has the TASS partnership played in the development of your talent or dual career programme?

“Dual career support is becoming more important as we have a moral and ethical obligation to enable athletes to ‘be the best’ they want to be, so that when they retire or leave the performance programme, we have provided the skills and opportunities for them to progress into their dual career.

“As an NGB, we are establishing an Academy structure that has player progression at the right times at the heart of its development. These steps are linked to both on and off court achievements, as well as recognising the opportunities for growth of the individual. The Academy structure is set to launch in September 2019, with players from across Great Britain involved within the programme.

“Being a part of the TASS partnership has enabled British Wheelchair Basketball to develop a pathway that enables opportunities for athletes to gain qualifications or other learning to enhance their knowledge and future employability. We are keen to ensure players have greater opportunities to progress their professional careers, alongside progressing within wheelchair basketball.

“We have been working alongside TASS closely for five years, with the partnership between the two organisations having helped to form the basis of the Academy structure moving forward, of which the TASS element is a key cornerstone of its development.

“Having recently returned from the IWBF U25 World Championships, with a number of former, current and potentially future TASS athletes competing, this shows that the system is working. TASS has enabled wheelchair basketball to be able to offer the opportunities, knowledge and understanding that you can be a dual career para-sport athlete.”

What would be your wish for the next generation of talented athletes?

“I hope they will be able to build on the foundations laid by the previous athletes.”

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